Eyebrow Pencil

Before we go to talk about eyebrow pencil, we need to know the importance of having or not having eyebrows. Eyebrows are the hairy outline over our eyes. They are set on the edge of the orb or cave of our eyes. If we are not given brows on our face, we will not look as better as now. Almighty has given us two of this to make us look more gentle and beautiful. They enhance the beauty of our eyes.

But not all people have the same type of eyebrows. Some have very volume, and others have very light volume brows. Another category is medium volume. Those who have much hair on the brows sometimes do plucking at home or by going to a parlour. Medium holders do not do that much. In general, they are satisfied with what they have got naturally. But brow plucking has become a trend nowadays, and women do this frequently. Those, whose brows are not so much thick, use eyebrow pencils to draw lines and blend them. They do this to look that they have medium thick brows. Others use an eyebrow pencil to give a good shape and outline to their brows. As they are not satisfied with the natural outline of their eye, women use this makeup product to make the brows beautiful and thick.

Again some women do not have black brows. They have rather reddish and brownish ones. So they want to have thick, deep, long and black brows like others. Eyebrow pencils are the best thing they can apply for this purpose. But are all brows good enough? Not. You should use branded ones to ensure quality as Flormar, Lakme, Jordana, Kolosal, Iconic etc. Are they available on the market? Yes, of course. But you can be cheated by the shopkeepers saying the duplicate ones as the original. They will also take a high price. So you will be doubly cheated. What can be the solution?

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