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Face Care

Many types of face care are used by women now. Face care is daily cosmetics items that women nowadays use in a wide range. It is a care product mainly used for makeup, cleaning the face after getting up from sleep and coming from outside. It also removes dead skin cells and unclogs the pores of the skin. The face care is widely used to clean the face recently by both men and women than previous time when people used to use soap bars to clean their faces. But it is very harmful to the skin as soaps have higher pH than the skin can bear. Using soap bar makes your skin itching and rough. It also creates moisture of the skin go away, and this even leads to rashes and pimples on your face.

The face care is gentle and mild. It removes the dirt and pollution. It also helps to get rid of extra oil of your skin. It can be used simultaneously along with face toner. After using face care, one should apply any mild moisturizer to the skin because it helps the skin to remain okay. Men and women face care are different as men have a less sensitive and harder skin than women. Women’s skin is more sensitive, and for this reason, they have to use mild face cares which suit their skin perfectly.

We see different types of face cares such as- Beauty Formula Face Care for normal, dry and oily skins. Normal face cares are for normal skin which is not so dry or oily like others. Dry face cares for dry skins, and oil control face cares for the oily skin. First, you have to understand what type is your skin. Then you have to choose the right one for your face. Some popular brand of face cares Beauty Formula Charcoal, Grainer, Ponds, Johnson, Clean and Clear, EverYouth, Himalaya, Farmasi, Nivea, Fair and Lovely etc. These are quality face cares. Among them, you have to choose the suitable one by applying which to your skin the result will be side-effect free.

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