Facial Tissue

In these hot and damp days, tissues are a must item in our day to day life. People used to use handkerchiefs of cotton for wiping out the sweats and in case of fever and cold to reduce the temperature and stopping the germs spreading out after coming out from your nostrils. But now facial tissues have replaced that item in a matter of wiping sweat, water or dirt.

Summer days are hot and rainy days are mostly damp before it starts raining. Damp weather means there is more humidity in the air than usual level. When humidity level is higher than normal, people sweat more as the sweats do not dry out in the weather causing more sweats cannot coming out from pores as the previous ones have blocked the pore. As a result, you feel hotter and sweat increasingly. After working again, it is a common idea that you have to stick in the long jam for more than 2 hours.

You sweat, and you wipe them out with your handkerchiefs. But they get easily dirty and bad smell comes out from them. So you cannot use them without washing them properly. It is also not hygienic to use a handkerchief without washing. We know it is very painful to wash every day and every time you use it. You can use tissues instead. They are one time and easily can be recycled. They are more soft and light. You can have a bunch of them in your pocket or purse. Use them and then dump them in the wastebasket or dustbin.

Tissues can be of different types. They are mainly facial tissues which are the lightest and soft ones. You use them in case of sweat and cold. Then come napkin tissues which are used mainly in hotels and restaurants. They are used to clean hands after meal and Chefs use them to soak out the extra oil of the fried foods after deep frying them. Toilet tissues are used in a toilet after excretion. Another one is Kitchen towel which is used in the kitchen to wipe your hands while cooking.

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