Being a girl, you love to decorate your lips beautifully. Lips are the most exotic parts of women face. You do makeup beautifully. Whether they make up is heavy or light, it does not become complete without the glossy and blemish touch of lipsticks or lip gloss. After all the makeup is perfect, you do not look beautiful if you do not makeup on lips with lip products.

We put lipsticks or lip gloss on them. But most of the time, the gloss or color of lipsticks comes out of the line of the lips. Then it looks disgusting and horrible. Also, the color gets into our skin and then there becomes a colored spot. We want to remove them by using oil, lotion, petroleum jelly or water by rubbing them on the place but this entire problem is excruciating. To avoid all this stuff, a lipliner is introduced.

Lipliner is a pencil type make up an item. It can be of various types and various colors. It is mainly used to draw the lines of the lips on the edges of lips. If you first draw a line with this liner pencil and later apply gloss or lipstick, then the color will not go on the line or edge. So your lip makes up will be perfect. The process is you have to take the same color or deep color of the liner as your lipstick or lip gloss color.

Now make the lines with lipliner. Next apply lipstick carefully inside the lined area. After the application is finished, to give your lips a glossy touch put on lip gloss over them. Start applying lip gloss from center to the edges. Thus your lipstick will be perfect. The makeup will not also run off outside those lines.

There are numerous colors and brands of lipliners. The famous worldwide lipliners are Lakme, L'Oreal Paris, Flormar, etc. You can select the best one that suits you and collect all the shades you need. Some of the lipliners are provided with sharpers so that you can sharpen them whenever the head of the liners get blunt. All these products can be found locally. But the most problematic thing is usually the local ones are not the original ones. Instead, they are ninety-five percent times the duplicate replicas. What to do now?

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