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Mats and Clothes

The dining room is the place for eating. That means where the family members have their meal together. So the room is a remarkable place. Then what important features a dining room should have? A dining room will require a set of table and chairs. On the table plates, glasses, dishes and bowls will be set and sitting on the chairs people will have their meals. But also there are some essential accessories that a dining table should have along with the other items. They are tablecloths and mats.

A dining table looks bare without a mat on it. You should put a mat on your dining table. It not only will make the table look more beautiful but also will hide the faults and stains of a table top. When you use a table barely, the juice of curries, pulse and oils from fries make the table base dirty and stingy and leaves the spot there. By using a tablecloth, you can avoid this because tablecloths are washable and easily the place will vanish if you clean it properly with wet clothes and detergent after finishing your meal. So your table will look beautiful, and you will have a clean table every time.

Another important item is table mats. When you use a mat, you give it to your plates or dishes. Sometimes we use mats to set hot pots, dishes or bowls on the table. Because the containing food items are hot in those bowls and the bottom is very hot. So you can accidentally burn yourself while touching. Keeping mats under the plates and dishes prevents juice from foods to fell directly on the table. Also, some cookers become tainted and leave blot if they are put directly on the table or tablecloth. You can avoid this crisis by using table mats.

Where will you find these two crucial things in Bangladesh?

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