There was a time when boots were only used by the millers or those who were related to any kind of work of a soldier but things have changed nowadays because we notice people are using boots in the day to day life in all sectors for casual and formal use. This has created a new sense of style among the general mass with its comfort, durability, style and quality. Boots are generally made of leather though some companies are using rubber or synthetic leather to manufacture boots in this modern time. Whatever, this footwear was popular among the cowboys of the western countries in 18th and 19th centuries but in recent years it has gained huge fame in this Indian subcontinent though the Indian people come to know about it from the period of British rule.

The most appalling this of boots is its gigantic style and massive structure. Men who love to feel confident always prefer wearing boots since it makes them really powerful by wearing this solid pairs. All types of people, soldiers, factory workers, trendy boys, fashion careful men, aged grandfathers, and many office workers purchase and use boots as their footwear. It has become a constant companion to them. Other forms of footwear like shoes of the sandal are losing their demand because they are failing to meet the customers demand in many ways like shoes cannot be used in the muddy areas; they cannot be kept shiny for a long time without polishing them very frequently. Sandals and other casual shoes are not suitable for rough and tough use because they are not made with very thick leather. On the other hand, boots can meet all that you desire as if it is a full package for you that offers you to use it as a fashion wear and depend on it keeping your eyes closed when you need a dependable footwear in hilly areas in your adventure period.

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