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Air Freshener

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Odonil Combo Pack Offer

Tk 135

AER Air Freshener Fresh 270ml

Tk 200

AER Pocket Fresh Green 10gm

Tk 60

AER Pocket Morning Misty 10gm

Tk 60

AER Pocket Violet Valley 10gm

Tk 60

Koofex Portable Mini Nano Mist Sprayer- Random

Tk 400

Oxyclean Bathroom N Toilet Spray Lavender 400 ml

Tk 350

Almer Air Freshener Green 450 ml

Tk 360

Almer Air Freshener And Deodorizer 250 ml

Tk 250

Air Freshener & Deodorizer 400 ml

Tk 690

Air Freshener & Deodorizer 250 ml

Tk 260

Baseus Breeze Fan Air Freshener For Vehicles With Formaldehyde Purification Function Silver (SUXUN-WF0S)

Tk 3555 Tk 3000

Basues Breeze Fan Air Freshener For Vehicles With Formaldehyde Purification Function Black (SUXUN-WF01)

Tk 3555 Tk 3000

Baseus Ripple Car Cup Holder Air Freshener

Tk 1610 Tk 1400

Baseus Ripple Car Air Freshener For Cup Holder Black (Suxun-Bw01)

Tk 1610 Tk 1400

Candles and Fragrances

Home is our sweet home. Everybody wants to decorate their home beautifully and according to their taste. Certain furniture and wall paints and their colors, furniture position from a particular angle make your home look extraordinary. But a home is not that much comfortable and fabulous without the soft touch of plants, flowers, candles, and fragrances. You want to give the interior of your home a beautiful look in a straightforward way, then add some candles and spray fresh, mild, refreshing fragrances which will remove the tiredness of you and monotony of the interior in an instance.

When you are out of a home, you shut the doors and windows tightly. You lock the whole place. After coming from outside, opening the front door and entering the room you nostrils catch a damp, dry smell. You open the doors and windows, swipe the rooms, but it is not working. What can you do? Take a refreshing lemon, lavender, jasmine, rose, orange air freshener and gently spray in your house. After five minutes you feel cool, soothing and refreshing as if you are breathing in a garden of nature. It will take away the tiredness of work and dampness of the environment. Another important section of your home is the washroom. Washroom has no window, only ventilation system. So it remains damp and watery all the day. As a result, a kind of gas is created, and it makes a horrible smell with the foulness of washroom together. You can remove this smell by spraying fragrances.

Candles are not only used to burn to give light in case of load-shedding, Recently, but they are also being used to enhance the interior beauty of a house. You can hang beautiful candle holder on the walls with beautiful and different sizes of candles. You can keep separate shapes of candles on the big window frame of your living and drawing room and make that place a beautiful place to enjoy stars at night or rain with a cup of coffee or tea in your hands. Keep candles on the center table or corner of the drawing. You can make a romantic environment for your living and washroom by adding them there.

So, from where you can buy them and give a soothing touch to your home environment?

Buy all kinds of candles and fragrances from online gift shop bd Othoba.com offering you these products within your budget. So buy happily from Othoba.com and decorate your home extraordinarily.