A ladder is transferable stairs that we can use to get to a higher place. It is an essential tool in our daily household. We have a lot of work places where we need a ladder. If we want to change the lights of our room, we need a ladder. If it becomes necessary to put some elements upstairs, then we need a ladder. We need a ladder for hanging wall clocks on the wall. The ladder also helps for professional purposes. Electricians use a ladder to fix electric lines. Cleaners use a ladder to clean rooftops.

A ladder can be metal made of bamboo or wood made. Bamboo-made ladders are common in Bangladesh, but nowadays bamboo made ladders are losing its appeal. People are using smart ladder made of metal. These are very sturdy but easy to carry. These ladders are also safe for using because rubber grip always prevents it from slipping away. These ladders do not get broken easily. A person can use a smart metal ladder for a long time.

How to buy the most suitable ladder

Various types of ladders are available now. Many famous companies like RFL is producing ladders of many categories to meet the consumer's need. RFL provides many models of household ladders and telescope ladders; they vary from one another in regards of stairs and models. We have collection of aluminium ladder, extension ladder, platform ladder, telescopic ladder, and folding ladder. Thees ladder prices are among 2622 taka to 8280 taka. These ladders are available in the local market but buying these ladders from a local market can be problematic for you. Because you may not find all the models in one shop and even if you buy any ladder it will give you much pain to carry such a significant tool in your home, you will face transport problem.

In order to help you in this matter, Othoba.com, the largest online shop in Bangladesh, has added ladders to its website. You can find any ladder here in a few clicks. Just see our ladder section, then compare, see and choose you necessary ladder. Next place an order. Othoba.com's service provider will take the ladder at your door in no time.

There are certain tasks in our daily household that cannot be done without a ladder. So, it is very much beneficial to you if you have a ladder in your house. A ladder can be used for a long time if that is a high-quality ladder, not an ordinary bamboo ladder. So, choose your ladder carefully.