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Purse and Wallets

Girl/women cannot spend a day outside without a purse or wallet. They are part and parcel of the life of women. You use purse and wallet for different purposes when you go out for office work or party or shopping. Purse and wallets are convenient, and it should be fashionable according to your choice. They are used as the "money bag" of the women. They are very useful for girls in their daily life.

You keep money and coins in the purse. You also keep necessary daily items that you need in the day when you are outside the home. Purse and wallets have several pockets and divisions with the attachment of chain or without chain where you can keep tissues, wet tissues, handkerchiefs, small water bottle, sunglass, three-fold umbrella. And some makeup kits like lipsticks, eyeliner, Kajol, mascara, lip-gloss, nail polish, lip gloss, hair comb, powder casket, etc. They can also hold your relevant and necessary documents and papers, your id cards, your visa card, passport, diary, phone number book, mobile phone or tab.

You can keep a small towel in your purse to dry yourself when you are sweating outdoor. The purse can be flat, patch-like medium or big to contain your necessaries. Wallets are usually flat, and their primary purpose is to store money in them. Women of all ages and classes starting from school going girls to middle-aged ladies use these items daily.

Purse and wallets can be made of different elements and are different in their size, model, and functioning. They are usually made of leather or artificial leather, rexine, and plastic. They are also made of clothes, jute and from other natural resources like the fiber of coconut, etc. If you want to use them only for keeping the money; you will find flat or square sizes. You want to keep your phone in the purse, choose a little bit spacious one which is medium and not flat. You want a casual one to hold your necessaries and use in office hour; you can have the big side purse to fulfill your purpose. You are going to any invitation or party, take a stylish, fashionable party purse to make yourself all set for enjoying the party.

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