Energy Boosters

As the term says energy boosters, we from our common sense understand that it is the food item that boosts our energy level. These boosters are working when we are feeling tired, low in our energy level to continue the work with the same energy from the beginning. It also helps us not only the time when we are working but also the time when we are sick, feeling feeble or just after the recovery from sickness when our physical strength level is low, and we are feeling weak.

Energy boosters sharpen our mind efficiency for working. It helps us concentrate on our work or study. Mothers usually give energy boosters to their children during their study time. This system is increased when the examination hour comes. Boosters make our tiredness go away, stimulate our nerves, bring back our attention to the work we are doing. It is also highly nutritious for our health. It contains glucose, carbohydrates, electrolytes as sodium chloride, provides energy.

The protein containing these boosters aid tissue repair, help our growth and mental development along with physical. Boosters contain vitamins which promote bone growth and maintenance. They also help the release of energy from food. They ensure a healthy heart and nervous system. There are some necessary acids in them as the elements which help us to aid robust immune system.

Energy boosters are made of milk, sugar, glucose, starch, Maltese, etc. The most common energy boosters in our country are junior Horlicks, Women Horlicks, Horlicks light, Complan, boost, Maltova, and Ovaltine. They can be of different flavors. Usually, they are in normal and chocolate flavor. We also see another type of boosters which are light and less acidic in comparison to the above ones.

They provide vitamin and nutrition and help our digestion system. They make our body cool and let the stress of work and studies go away. They are cold, not hot like the above ones. Among them are Isabgol Bhushi, Roof Afza, Tang, Nutri-c. Tang has two flavors mango and orange. Isabgol Bhushi helps to clear your digestion system and makes you away from acidity and peptic also. Nutri-C and Tang fill up your lack of vitamin and nutrition which you lose when you are out under the sun playing, traveling or working.

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