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Data cable

There are multiple advantages of a data cable. The latest data cables offer faster transfer rates while transferring data to a mobile from a computer or to a computer from a mobile. These are highly compatible for charging phones also.  Various data cables are available now in the markets of BD. While buying a cable we should remember a certain thing about data cables like its length. Short cables are great for portability, but that can leave you sitting on the floor next to a power outlet as it charges a phone. If you buy a too long a cable it can be inconvenient to carry, will tangle more easily, and potentially be a tripping hazard for you. If you are always looking for a charging point but concerned about security, or you find that your devices charge slowly when connected to some chargers, a charge-only cable may be a good idea.

When buying a data cable, it can be tempting to just pick the cheapest option, but, as is often the case, this is a bad idea. Data cables made with poor quality control can break easily, and a slightly broken data cable is pretty much useless as far as device charging and data transfer go. It will prevent your phone from making a data transfer with the computer and may not allow for a faster charge and data transfer.

Buying a data cable from

Though you can purchase a data cable in many retail locations, including stores run by the major cell phone companies, you may find a wider selection and better price if you visit an online Bangladeshi website named Many sellers post packages deals or bundles, while some even offer cheap shipping and return policies. Every seller has a visible feedback score so that you can see how other buyers have fared with that particular seller. Also, if you have a question about particular data cable, click LIVE Chat with Othoba or visit the seller's profile and click contact member to ask them to clarify any questions you have about the listing product. You can locate listings of data cable simply typing data cable on’s search bar. You will find a whole world of data cables of different kinds of prices.

Simple and enjoyable shopping

Data cables are a convenient way for buyers to keep their cell phones fully charged and functional at all times and to transfer data. The broad selection of data cables available on, along with its easy navigation and the user-friendly transaction process, can make the shopping experience simple and enjoyable for buyers. With a new stock of data cables, buyers will be ready the next time they need to buy a data cable from our very own