Eraser and sharpener are two little friends for the little boys and girls. They are also the best friend of an architect, a painter, a designer, etc. You can erase your mistake using an eraser. It is a handy thing. We should always provide our children with it. Without it can cut mistakes here and there thus decrease the beauty of writing. They also need it while drawing because during drawing it is necessary to erase the same thing again & again to give it a perfect finishing.

On the other hand, a sharpener is a small but handy thing; it helps to sharpen pencils. Using a pencil for a long time makes it less sharp and makes the handwriting or drawing bad. In this case, we can sharpen a pencil using it. A sharpener consists of a blade and plastic body. These two things come in a variety of models. There are doll models, little models, lid system, round model of a sharpener. Erasers can be of various colour and size. There is white, yellow, green, red, brown colour of it.

Whatever the colour, model or size is it is very much necessary for a student. For junior class students, these are compulsory because they use a pencil to write and these two things are constantly needed when someone works with a pencil. A good quality sharpener can sharpen pencil smoothly, but a low-quality one struggles to do that and also damages a pencil. On the other hand, a low-quality hard type eraser can tear apart your pages without erasing the mistakes, so you have to be careful while buying these.

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