At present "Mug" has become a favorite gift & cookery item. A mug is usually used to drink tea or coffee. Again mug is used by children to drink juice, milk, milkshakes & other things. A mug is a standard item in our day to day life. You wake up in the morning, freshen up & then sit for a newspaper with a mug-full of tea/coffee. Even your day at professional places begins with tea/coffee served in a mug. If there is any meeting in corporate life, there will be refreshment & for serving, a mug is used. And if there is any get together of friends & family, you enjoy a good time, holding a mug of tea or coffee in your hand.

Variation of mugs and its uses

A mug is now more unique in design & style. You can gift beautiful & stylish mugs to your dear ones for any occasion. It is one of the most favorite gift items among the couples recently. For birthdays you can give special birthday mugs printed with birthday wishes, balloons, flowers, candles & cake. Some mugs are designed primarily for Valentine’s Day, friendship day, anniversary. You can wish your parents on Father's/Mother's day or anniversary by gifting them mugs with their lovely photos printed on the mugs or your special wish quoted on the mugs. The cartoon printed mugs are more popular among the kids as they love cartoon very much. You can also gift mugs to your colleagues on their birthdays, promotion or any success to show your gratitude to them.

Types of mugs

Mugs can be of different types and sizes. They can be made of plastics, glasses, ceramics & steals. But ceramic mugs are more commonly used at present. Ceramic mugs are more durable than plastics & steal-made mugs. Some mugs are provided with the function of the thermal flask. That means those mugs can keep the liquid hot preventing from being cooled down. Even some people use a mug to have soup & scoops of ice creams. If the handle of mug breaks down, you can use the mug as pen-holder or flower-vase, tree-pot to decorate your room with natural beauty.

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