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Flour is a major ingredient to make much food like bread, biscuits, cookies, chips, etc. Without flour, we could not enjoy many of our fast food items and cakes made by our mothers. Ruti, Dudh Chitoi, Patisapta, etc. is our traditional cakes, without flour we cannot even think about these cakes. Bread and bakery shops will shut down if there is a lack of flour. Many Bangladeshi people do not eat rice; rather they eat Ruti made by organic whole wheat flour so for many of us flour is the primary food along with Rice.

Quality flour can increase the taste of food very much. Though cheap flour is available in the markets of Bangladesh, you should not buy them because they are unhealthy. Much dirt is found in local unpacked flour. But some companies have fine quality flour. PRAN, ACI Limited, Provati Trading Corp and Q & Q are the major companies that are producing a healthy and fresh product in Bangladesh. Most of the roadside fry business shop use open market's cheap flour, but it is not satisfying. Some restaurants always use fresh and packed flour. We should appreciate them and avoid the street foods. We should try making homemade food, obviously with fresh and packed flour. A benefit of good flour is that it is easy to make whatever you want to make with healthy and fresh flour.

Always buy fresh, packed, and quality flour

Whenever you family's health issue comes, you should not make any compromise. Flour is a major ingredient in many food items because those are made with flour. We eat these foods as our breakfast, dessert, dinner, snacks, etc. Children also love flour made food. So, be careful about buying flour. You should not buy any flour that is available to you. Rather judge the market and search for some branded flour like ACI Pure Maida, ACI Suji, Provati Rice Flour, ACI Pure Atta, ACI Pure Brown Atta, etc.  These flours are made by well-known manufacturers of Bangladesh.

So, the ensure quality, smell, color, etc. They also mention expiring date so that you do not use the packed flour when it is expired. The price of flour is not so high. If you think about your health, you should not think about buying good flour twice whatever the price is. If you love online shopping, then you can buy your essential flour from, the largest online shop Bangladesh.