Cooking any food without salt is quite unimaginable, and a dessert food cannot be made without sugar. Salt gives you perfect taste and sugar gives you perfect sweetness. No curry can be prepared without salt. You cannot imagine how worse a curry may taste if it is cooked without salt. Cooking curry with improper salt also tastes bad. Certain sour fruits cannot be eaten without salt. Salt is also necessary to make pickles. Sugar is sweetness, so no sweet food is possible to make without sugar. Sweetmeats would not taste so yummy if there were no use of sugar. Soft drinks would not be so interesting if there were no sugar in it. Chocolates and candies are nothing but full of sugar. In most of the fast-food and Chinese menu, sugar is common. These two are among the widely used ingredients to prepare many yummy foods.

Salt is essential for our digestion. By eating foods with salt, we can enjoy the authentic taste of it. On the other hand, sugar possesses carbohydrates, which gives us energy. If we want a sharp brain, then we should eat it with our daily food. Children love to eat sugar, without sugar they do not want to eat anything but eating a lot of sugar can damage their teeth so we should be careful about it. They should eat sugar in a balanced way. We cannot think of a cup of tea without sugar. Mothers cannot cook any dessert without sugar. Juice, milk shake, lassi, faluda, cakes, all these foods contain sugar.

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People of Bangladesh eat salt and sugar from the open market. Though they are eating packed salts now, their attitude is still conventional about sugar. But sack-packed sugar cannot bring any good to your health. Many insects fall on sugar when their sacks are kept wide open in Bazaar. So, it is high time you should change your minds. Packed and refined sugar may cost a little higher but ensures your health safety too. Though, sometimes, sugar price becomes high due to dishonest businesspersons. Same goes to salt also. Unpacked and open salt and sugar should never be eaten and bought. We should always eat pure and fresh at the same time packed salt and sugar.

Many companies like PRAN, ACI Limited, Green Food Products and Meghna Industries manufacture high-quality salt and sugar, then they do marketing of these commodities under many brand names such as PRAN Salt, Green Food Rock Salt, ACI Salt, BSFIC Brown Sugar, Fresh Refined Sugar, Fresh Super Premium Salt, Zero Cal Sachet, etc. You can buy sea salt online from