Eggs are one of the primary sources of protein for the people of Bangladesh. People here get eggs from chicken, duck and some other birds but among them, chicken eggs are more popular. People of Bangladesh love to eat eggs. They eat egg daily in any of their meal because eggs are not that much costly and so anybody can afford it. The village people eat a lot of eggs, some of them have their chickens, and so they do not have to buy any eggs. Both the white and yellow part of an egg is very beneficiary for our health. The white part of an egg contains calcium and yellow part of an egg contains protein and some other vitamins.

Eggs are used to make many foods in our country. Various types of food dishes are made with eggs, and all these menus taste great. Many people cannot think of eating their meal without an egg. Smashed potato with eggs, smashed eggs, half boiled eggs, etc. are some famous foods in Bangladesh. Eating boiled egg is a good habit. If somebody eats a boiled egg daily, he can keep away many diseases. Eggs are used to make custard and cakes. Custards are sweet and so yummy to eat.

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Egg sellers distribute eggs in our country. These selling shops are located in bazaars of a town or city. They buy wholesale eggs from farm owners and then sell in the retail stores. As a result, the price of eggs increases. People find different prices of eggs going to buy eggs daily. Again one shop may ask for one price than another store a different one. Sometimes they also sell expired eggs, but the customers cannot know it, in this way they are being cheated. If you want to avoid all these problems and want to buy eggs online staying at your home, you buy eggs from a reputed online shop BD like They have a long reputation of selling quality products. They keep the price very reasonable, and also their service is the fastest in Bangladesh.

Eggs can fulfil our daily nutrition. All ages of people should eat eggs. Especially children should be provided with at least one egg a day.  Buying eggs can be problematic going in a bazaar in this busy world. People have few free times now. So they can buy eggs from and enjoy their own time at home.