Cereal is mainly a processed edible food grain item. It is mainly the food for babies when they are up to six months old. Cereal is a combination of nutrition for babies, and it contains necessary food items in a mixture which is a complete package. It is not only eaten by babies but also by some grown-up people also who are now at the edge of old life. It is a crushed item that is cooked only by mixing hot water or by boiling for 10 minutes with water. It is gravy then and can easily be eaten by babies.

Babies need only mother's milk for six months continuously. When they become six months old, they need other food items for their growth, disease prevention and mental improvement. But the fact is they have no teeth. They can only have liquid and refined gravy. So how will they have rice, pulse, hotchpotch, fish, egg and meat? That is why cereal is made out of rice, lentils, barley etc. You only need to pour hot water into the bowl and then add a certain quantity of this grain item. Stir it well, and you are ready to feed them to your baby.

Cereal contains a high number of nutrition elements. It provides carbohydrates, protein, necessary amino acids like lysine. It also has minerals, oils, little fat that is digestive and helpful for babies. It is defined very well, and there are no cholesterol or junk items. In old age, our elders also lose their teeth, and they cannot eat the hard daily foods. At that time, they are also given cereals with meat and fish posted. It gives them energy and easily digestible. Bedridden severe patients are also given them. Some middle-aged people also have cereal in the breakfast and dinner to reduce their weight and remain fit. Women who are very conscious about their figure also take this item as diet food because it contains zero fat and cholesterol. Eating this does not add much carbohydrate but gives a healthy nutritious value to your health.

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