Mosquito killer

Recently the people of Bangladesh is going through a terrible anxious of “Chikon-Guniya”. But not only “Chikon-Guniya” but also many other diseases like malaria can take an epidemic form if we do not save us from the mosquito. Mosquito killer can be the best option to save us from a mosquito. Some people are allergic to smoke in coils, and most of the coils are not that much success to protect us from mosquitoes.

People of Bangladesh are very much cautious of saving them from a mosquito. They use mosquito killer a deal nowadays. Though it is a fairly recent invention, it has been accepted by people in a great deal.  Mosquito killers are of great use to the children. As they cannot say anything when a mosquito bites them, so they are helpless, but if their room is freed from mosquito with the help of mosquito killer, then they can sleep well.

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