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Pickles are traditional food menu in Bangladesh. Various types of pickles are made by our mother and grandmother here throughout the years. They make various seasonal pickles and preserve them to eat throughout the whole year. Some of the mentionable pickles are Mango Pickles, Garlic Pickles, Olive Pickles, etc. These are enjoyed by all ages of people, but children and women enjoy it most. Everyone enjoy it with rice, biryani, khichuri and some other traditional items of Bangladesh. Some people always want pickles with their lunch and dinner to make it tastier.

Pickles are used to cooking certain curry also. Pickles have many health benefits. Pickles contain various vitamins & minerals. Eating pickles increase our appetite. It also improves the taste of food. Homemade pickles are the best but making it at home is very problematic. Lots of ingredients are needed to make pickles. It takes time too. Whatever the reason is we should always try to eat homemade pickles. If you actually cannot cook it at home, then you can try some trusted company's pickles only. You can try pickles by PRAN. These are healthy and tasty. They maintain all quality control, and their pickles taste like homemade.

Which pickle do you like most?

PRAN offers you mango pickle, garlic pickle, and olive pickle. All these are very much yummy, and everybody likes these. They are also capable of taking your food habit in an entirely high level. You can enjoy the chilli taste along with its sour taste. Only the people of Indian subcontinent can understand the real taste of pickles but if we let a foreigner taste pickles of PRAN he would fall in love with it.

Ordinary pickles are seen here and there, but you should not buy or eat those. Try to make pickles at home, if you do not have enough time for that then buy some branded pickles that ensure food quality. Pickles by PRAN are available almost all over the country. You can buy those from any departmental store, super shop or grocery shop. Check the expiration date before buying it because some dishonest business person can sell expired pickles to you. If you want to save your time and money and want to take the burden of going to a grocery, then you have the facility to buy pickles online in Bangladesh. Online shopping in Bangladesh is quite good nowadays. For online pickles purchase, visit