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The first time you heard the word "butter" it is definite that you will think of your breakfast time. Bread and butter are the common breakfast items in both eastern and western countries of the world, recently, in our country; this tradition is becoming appreciated with remarkable notice. Butter is not only used for breakfast rather it is part and parcel of the bakeries and factories for baking foods. It is fresh, cream color and high protein and nutritious.

Butter can be two types. One is known as cheese. Another one you call as cream. Both of them are used equally in food items to enrich the taste and make the food items soft and melting in your mouth. Cheese is used in different fast food and Italian items. We can point your attention in this regard to the meals such as-Burger, pizzas, pasta, soups, desserts, etc. You love to have cheesy burgers and grated, and melted cheese on top of your pasta/pizzas makes your mouth impatient to enjoy them. You can give them to your children as Tiffin with bread or rolls. Creamy butter is widely used all over the world. You want to make a fantastic pudding, put some cream/butter into the mixture and mix it very well.

You will find the result while eating. The cream is mainly used to make the frosting of various types of cakes. You add yolks, egg whites, with sugar and a bit of salt and mix it very well with butter, your frosting for any cake will be ready. Butter is also used to make the texture of cake/bread/pizza. Butter is also used instead of oil to fry fish, vegetables or meats. Butter is brushed on the top of cookies, biscuits, and pies to give them a beautiful glaze after baking. Butter is used to make desserts, sweets, ice-creams. Adding butter makes your dishes better.

Butter is made of fresh cow milk. After milking the cows, the fresh cream is collected from the milk and through a certain process butter is made. You can make butter at your home. But it is a long-term process, and if you are a truly busy person, you won't be able to spare out some time for making butter. You can buy them from different farms nearby your locality. You'll also find them in local groceries and shops. If you wish not to go out and buy sitting at home, then you have come to the right online store. has a vast collection of first quality butter and cheeses. They are appropriately manufactured and fresh not stale like the one you usually find in the local market., the most prominent online bazar in Bangladesh is offering you to buy easy. So don't wait, grab it immediately.