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Huawei HONOR Router 3 Dual-core WiFi6+ 4 Antana White

Tk 6500 Tk 4800

Xiaomi Mi AIoT AX3600 2976Mbs Dual Band Wifi 6 5G 7 Antenna Router Black

Tk 10420 Tk 10000
0.00% EMI Starts at Tk 833.33 / month

Mi Router AX1800 WiFi 6 Gigabit Dual-band 1775Mbps White

Tk 5290 Tk 4900

Mi WiFi Router 4A Dual Band Gigabit Version Global Edition

Tk 2850

Mi WiFi Router 4A AC1200 Dual Band Global Version White

Tk 2290

Mi WiFi Router 4C 300Mbps Global Version White

Tk 1290 Tk 1150

Walton Router WWR002N2

Tk 1495

Walton Router WWR001N2

Tk 1495

4G Lte Wireless Modem + Router

Tk 1450

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 4C Smart Mini WiFi Repeater 300Mbps

Tk 1350

Proton PWM-898 3G+ Internet USB Modem

Tk 1530

Proton PWR-926 3G Internet Wireless Router

Tk 2670

Modem & Router

Modem & router are among the most significant wonders of modern science. With the help of a modem, we can use the internet on a laptop sitting at any place. In the perspective of Bangladesh, it is very much beneficial. The broadband internet connection is not available all over the country so people living in villages cannot use internet of broadband. We have telecommunication facility all over the country, and by using a modem, we can have wireless internet connection on our computer.

On the other hand, a router can help us to share wireless internet among many users. It is a device by which we can share our data. Many people can use the internet is connected to a single router. If we set one router in a room, we will not have to use separate modems for separate computer or laptop because the router can give Internet connection to all.

Bangladesh is a developing country. The government is trying to bring the whole country under broadband Internet connection, but due to our lack of resources, it is not possible to do the work soon. With the help of some foreign investments, our telecommunication system has developed a lot. It also has created an opportunity. The opportunity is serving the Internet to the village people. Now people can use a modem in their computer for Internet connection. Routers are essential in every place.

Many offices, university, institution offer free internet to people using a router. It is very much necessary because without the internet we cannot be connected to the whole world. If the Internet is free, then knowledge will be free, and we will be able to learn more. Router's importance, in this case, is undeniable.

Buy modem and router

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