The generator is an essential thing throughout the ages. Countries that still face electricity problem use a generator. The generator is the most useful thing when there is no electricity. It can be used in the house as well as in mills and factories also. It can produce electricity better than anything. We can use all types of electric devices with a generator. Insignificant buildings, giant size generators are used. They can serve electricity in the whole building. Sometimes many factories run large size generator to run their machinery. On the other hand, small house and shops run small size generator to run their fans and lights.

The generator is very much necessary for hospitals and clinics. If any hospital does not install a generator, then the patient has to suffer a lot. Production might be stopped when electricity is not there, and that factory has no generator. Without electricity, life is impossible now. And for the last few years, the problem of load shedding is increasing in our country. So to keep electricity constantly a generator is a must. Production can be stopped & household life can be hampered without electricity so everybody should have a generator at their home.

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