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Mutton 1 KG (খাসির মাংস)

Tk 850

Daily Shopping Live Beef Premium 1 kg

Tk 575

Bagda Prawn (বাগদা চিংড়ি) 1kg

Tk 770
৯০৳ ছাড়

Buffalo Meat Standard Boneless (Imported) Frozen 6kg

Tk 2988 Tk 2898
৩০৳ ছাড়

Buffalo Meat Standard Boneless (Imported) Frozen 3kg

Tk 1494 Tk 1464

Basa Fish Fillets 1kg

Tk 450

Koral Fish 2 kg+ (কোরাল মাছ)

Tk 2038

Haur Mix Fish 1 kg

Tk 280

Shoil Fish 500gm plus

Tk 560

Telapia Fish (তেলাপিয়া মাছ) 1kg+

Tk 189

Golda Prawn (গলদা চিংড়ি) 1kg

Tk 1095

Bata Fish Cultured 5-6 pcs/Kg (বাটা মাছ)

Tk 530

Shorputi Fish 3-5 pcs/kg China (সরপুঁটি মাছ)

Tk 175

Bailla Fish 7-15 pcs/kg (বাইল্লা মাছ)

Tk 715

Ritha Fish 1kg Sea (রিটা মাছ)

Tk 379

Koral Fish 500gm plus (কোরাল মাছ)

Tk 685

Boal Fish 5-7kg

Tk 4060

Boal Fish 700 gm plus (বোয়াল মাছ)

Tk 560

Rui Fish 5-7 kg (রুই মাছ)

Tk 4795

Pholy Fish 1 kg (ফলি মাছ)

Tk 481

Aair Fish 2-4 kg (আইর মাছ)

Tk 2922.50

Katol Fish 3-4 kg (কাতল মাছ)

Tk 1197

Rui Fish 3-4 kg (রুই মাছ)

Tk 1610

Poa Fish 3-7pcs/kg (River) (পোয়া মাছ)

Tk 590

Katol Fish 2-3 kg (কাতল মাছ)

Tk 784

Pangash Fish 3 kg+ (পাঙ্গাশ মাছ)

Tk 675

Koral Fish 3-5 kg (কোরাল মাছ)

Tk 3144

Tuna Fish 1 kg (টুনা মাছ)

Tk 528

Boal Fish Size 4-5 kg (বোয়াল মাছ)

Tk 3120

Mola Fish Kg (মলা মাছ)

Tk 335

Koral Fish 1-1.5 kg (কোরাল মাছ)

Tk 870

Sea Bailla (সমুদ্রের বাইল্লা মাছ)

Tk 345

Boal Fish 2-3 kg (বোয়াল মাছ)

Tk 1537.50

Faisha Fish 8-15pcs/kg (ফাইসা মাছ)

Tk 680

Tatkini Fish (টাটকিনি মাছ) 1KG

Tk 170

Horina Prawn 1 kg (চিংড়ি মাছ)

Tk 765

Mackerel Fish 1kg

Tk 150

Gulsha Fish 1 kg

Tk 699

Buffalo Meat Standard Boneless (Imported) Frozen 1kg

Tk 498

Mrigel Fish 1kg-3kg Per Pc

Tk 384

Boal Fish 1 kg+ (Per PCS)

Tk 749

Aair Fish 1KG Plus

Tk 1250

kalabaush Fish (কালিবাউস মাছ) 1kg+ Per Pcs

Tk 492

Moha Shoil Fish 3-5kg Per Piece

Tk 1375

Duck (হাঁস) Per Piece 1kg+

Tk 478

Karfu Fish (কারফু মাছ) 1kg

Tk 319

Deshi Puti Fish (দেশী পুটি)

Tk 420

Rupchada (রূপচাঁদা ) Fish

Tk 950

Fish & Meat

Fish & meat are the chief sources of protein which is one of the most necessary and essential food items of our daily food menu. These foods are favorite among the people across the world. Everybody loves eating meat though and things made of meat, but a few people do not like to eat fish. Nowadays children do not want to eat anything which does not contain meat. On the other hand, elder people like to eat fish. A significant amount of meat and fish is used for different items of food production daily all over the country. These are very helpful for our health.

There are various kinds of meat and fish available and eaten by people of Bangladesh. In our country, the most common fishes are Hilsha fish, Pangasius fish, Telapia fish, Catla fish, Olive Bard fish; Rui fish, etc. and meats are chicken, beef, and mutton. Chicken is widely eaten not only in our country. You can find different types of chicken which are known as Deshi, Pakistani, Broiler, Sonali and Cross. Another source is beef which people love so much. Mutton is also another which is preferred by even the majority. Beef is the cow meat, and Mutton is the goat or sheep meat. People of Bangladesh also eat the meat of Buffalos. But chicken is the top priority in the kitchen of our country. Various items can be made out of these meat items. Though chicken is eaten mainly throughout the year, fish dishes are also popular here.

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You can raise chicken, cow or goat in your house backyard if you are living on a farm or in the countryside and then have them when they are big enough to be eatable. You can also rear fish in the ponds. But it will be a problem when you are living in an urban city as there will be a shortage of space and time if you are busy to raise these sources. You can buy them in the case from the local market of your neighborhood where raw meats and fishes are available. After buying them you have to clean them very well, and after that, you can cook them.

If you don't want to take this trouble of cleaning and washing, then you can buy these from mega-shops and online shop. Othoba.com is offering you this service so you can feel free not to take the trouble. We are also maintaining the freshness and quality. Buy from Othoba.com and cook these items deliciously and enjoy.