Aluminium is a common item in our day to day life. Our kitchen and dining cannot go a day without the use of aluminium products. Aluminium products are useful, and their durability is long lasting than other metals.These items include our kitchen tools like bowls, Gamlas, Kolosh, pan Karai, lids, disco bowls, Ruti Tawa etc.

Bowls are different types and sizes. Some bowls come with lids, and others come without lids. Bowls can be high and plat. Bowls are used for cooking rice. Also, lentil, fish and meat curries are cooked in them. We mainly use them to cook foods in heavy amount. Then, comes the type of disco bowls. These bowls spread out the heat over the total area of the bottom of the bowls so that the food is easily cooked in every part at the same time in a short time. Usually, our traditional mixed food items as small fishes with vegetables or dry vegetables are cooked in them. They are also used to make Firni, Payesh, juicy cakes. You can boil eggs and milk in them very easily.

Next, comes pan Karai. These items are used for frying food items. Either you can deep fry them, or shallow fry them in them. They are also used to fry vegetables or spicy curries as they are not juicy types which are usually cooked in bowls. To fry fish, Karai is a must item in your kitchen. Even if you want a beautifully cooked and wonderful looking omelette, you have no option except this item. Now comes Gamla. Gamla is used to serve all types of food items on the dining table.

You can serve rice in one of them and fish, meat, egg or vegetable curries in the others. The important fact is you cannot cook your food without covering them. Because the nutrition and vitamins vapour out in the air if you cook without using lids. So, aluminium lids are also very necessary because not only the previous point but also the food takes less time to cook with lids over the bowls. Finally, there is Kolosh. We use them to store water in our kitchen. They are also used to carry out water from the water source.

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