When an accident happens in your daily life or when you accidentally fall into any injury, what is the emergency equipment you needed first? Of course, it is a first-aid box. Before taken to any specialist or hospital, you have to immediately take primary precautions because this primary treatment will help to stop the injury or infection from getting worse. Every household, institution and most importantly everybody should have a first-aid box at his disposal. As you never know a casualty will occur and you will need the box most.

The first-aid box contains bandages. They are used when we get our skin or flesh cut accidentally, and the place is bleeding. Bandage not only works as a cover but also it works to heal cut by preventing further damage from outside. It keeps away germs and dirt from the wound which could have made the place worsening. Outside germs bear tetanus bacteria to the wound. Bandage prevents this. It also makes sure that your antiseptics work at the right place. Use of bandage prevents water getting inside which will make the infected area groggy and the healing processing will be disturbed without a bandage.

There are two types of bandages. One is strip bandage which is like a strip top. This kind of bandages is used for small cut or scratches. They are accommodating for any small cut of skin or scratch on the skin. You can also use them to band any small infected area. But when the cut is big enough, more the one inch then cotton bandages are used. Cotton bandages are mainly for flesh cuts or wounds. It is made of cotton. First, after cleaning the injured area, antiseptics in cotton are put over the place. Then the cotton net type bandage is put over the area like the wrapping of a sheet. A day in the medical profession cannot go without them.

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