Chanachur is an appetizing snacks item. It is very yummy, and people love eating Chanachur with tea, cookies in their afternoon snacks. Chanachur is also eaten when it is mixed with "Murimakha." It is very crunchy, crispy and spicy. It contains fried Jhuris, peanuts, lentils and chira. It is very liked by children, teenage, middle-aged and aged persons also.

When we were in school, what item did we eat most of the time in the tiffin break? Of course, it was the Jhalmuri with Chanachur or Chanachur-Makha. We even tried to make that type of Chanachur makha. We also troubled our parents so much to eat Chanachur. Do you remember how in school days you used to side your pocket money for Tiffin to buy Chanachur-Makha? It is the most common snacks item which you give to your guests with biscuits and tea when there is nothing other than those in your house then. Chanachur is made of flour. First flour batter or dough is shaped in Jhuris and other shapes. Then they are fried in oil. Next, they are added with fried lentils, peanuts, Chiras and different types of salty and chili flavoured spices.

Finally, they are made packaging in aluminium foil packets and are ready for selling to the customers. In a market, there are different flavours of Chanachurs. Some are normal. Some have a hot and spicy flavor. Some have a sweet and salty taste. The interesting one is the barbecue flavoured as it contains a smoky flavor. In some Chanachurs, we find Kish mish and green peas which are so much liked by children and youngsters. In our country, some favourite brand of chanachur is- PRAN, Ruchi, Bombay Sweets, and BD, etc.

Where can you get chanachur that you like?

You can find them in bakeries that made their chanachurs for wholesale. You can see different local brand characters in the market of your locality. But you want the fresh and quality top brand characters. Then go to the super shops or mega malls to buy. You can find them in various online stores. One of them,, the biggest online shopping in Bangladesh has multiple collections of differently flavoured characters of PRAN and Ruchi.

You will discover PRAN Bombay mix chanachur, Pran Jhal chanachur, Pran Barbecue Chanachur, Ruchi Chanachur hot, Ruchi Jhuribhaja. You can find them in different packets of various weights. Try and Choose the right one according to your need.