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Coffee is now a day to day drink item. It is mainly a drink but not a soft one as the beverage items. It is a strong drink. Coffee is becoming more popular among people all over the world. Our country is not out of the list also. It is made of milk, sugar, coffee powder & hot water but it can also be made without milk and sugar depending on individual tastes & preferences. Coffee is a drink that is brewed from the roasted coffee beans. These beans are found in the berries of a coffee plant.

It is believed that the coffee is first originated in Ethiopia and Yemen, mainly in South Africa. It is known to us that Brazil now a day’s produces the most significant amount of coffee as there grows a coffee tree is an abundance. Coffee tree berries are first red. When they are mature to collect coffee beans, they turn into brown coffee color. Beans are then roasted and crushed into powder. Next, you can use them as your coffee by adding water, milk, cream, and sugar to give yourself relaxation from tiredness as coffee contains caffeine. It soothes your mind when you are under pressure and provides the brain with activity a feeling of a break from the monotonous working schedule.

Some loves black coffee and some are in favor of white coffee. Black coffee is the coffee that is made without adding any milk or cream. It makes you energetic, and it is slightly acidic. It is the strongest among the two. White coffee is preferred by more people as it is lighter than black coffee and enriched in taste because it contains milk and cream. People of our country are getting used to with the habit of drinking coffee regularly. It gives you relief from a bad headache also. Different coffee shops and Bars also have established in various cities of the country. We even find songs related to coffee, coffee shops, the friends that used to have coffee together in the coffee bars. The famous song "Coffee Houser Sei adda ta" by Manna Dey can be taken into this consideration.

You will find different branded packet coffees in your nearby grocery shops and mega malls. Some companies also customaries it in jars. You can find packed pure coffee powders and even some brand provides three in one coffee packs. Why you should go and take the trouble of buying it from outside. You can sit at home and with one click buy from The quality and quantity will rest assured. So try buying coffee from best online shopping sites in Bangladesh and relax your mind from the boredom of works.