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A condom is the most extensive used family planning method. In this modern age, it is essential to maintain family planning. Without maintaining family planning, it is not possible to get a happy family. A large number of family members can add to the burden of a family. In this modern age, family expenses have been increased tremendously. So, if we take children without any consideration, then it will create a huge problem for us. Maintaining their daily expenses, buying foods, clothes, schooling, etc. need a lot of money, but we can avoid this problem if we are a little bit conscious of our sexual activity. Using a condom during intercourse is very necessary.

Bangladesh is an overpopulated country, and its population is increasing rapidly. One of the reasons is that people here are not much aware of the necessity of birth control & so they do not follow any method to do birth control. Many uneducated people of villages believe that children are a blessing of Allah and they should not try to stop their coming in the world. This is why many people have fifteen to twenty even in this age in Bangladesh. This is one of the significant problems in the Indian subcontinent.

As people here are not that much educated and do not have any notion about the disadvantage that can bring a large number of children in the family. They believe that as Allah has permitted them to take children and blessed them with children, so it is he who will also manage the kids fed. Maybe they can manage the daily foods, but this type of family face ruin very soon. Nowadays things are being changed now. Educated people are increasing in number, and this folk is more conscious about the idea “birth control ." Our government also encourages us to take one or two children.

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There are many means of birth control. Certain medicines can be taken by the women to do birth control, but this medicine can bring negative impact to the ladies body. Using condoms has no side effect, and you can use it very quickly. You can buy condom online specially from here. We have an extensive collection of various branded products as you can see above. Here you may shop without being embarrassed and get them sitting at your home.