Exhaust Fan is a particular kind of fan that takes hot air out of a room. It is seen almost all the corporate buildings and in many house buildings. This fan is very much beneficiary. During summer our rooms become very hot as a result people feel unbearable pain while staying in a room for a long time. Sometimes a room does not have any window also causing dying like situation. An exhaust fan can be a very suitable thing in such place. It is set on the wall and is run by AC. It passes hot air outside a room a helps to keep the room comfortable.

An air conditioner can be the best solution for heat control in a room but it is an expensive thing, and everybody cannot afford it. But the price of an exhaust fan is not too much. Anybody can buy it. Many mills and factories install exhaust fan throughout their whole building, thus ensure cooler weather inside the building. An exhausted fan is also used in a bathroom to maintain fresh air there. The exhaust fan can be best suitable for a place where certain machines emit too much heat such as, in a boiler. An exhaust fan is a must for this kind of places.

Why should you install an exhaust fan?

The temperature of the whole world along with Bangladesh is on a rapid rise. Summer season becomes unbearably hot. Even after the summer season, the hotness prevails for month after month. Many cities of Bangladesh are comparatively hotter than other places such as the people of Dhaka and Rajshahi face unbearable heat throughout the whole summer and some more months after summer is ending. Our house and corporate buildings are congested and in cities like Dhaka and the towns like Gajipur and Narayanganj have thousands of industrial buildings. Due to the congested construction of buildings and environmental pollution the person who lives in these buildings face extreme heat. Sometimes old people die from heat stroke.

Technology has given us some solution to this kind of problem. The exhaust fan is one of them and a very effective one. Installation of some exhaust fan can keep the room cool. When a room is closed for a long time, it becomes hot but if an exhaust is kept run then the room will never be too much humid. And exhaust fan price is affordable. You can buy your desired exhaust fan from Bangladesh online shop Othoba.com.