Extinguisher powers are used to extinguish a fire. This powder comes in a cylinder and often in a red color cylinder. It works faster than anything to extinguish a fire. Fire extinguisher powder is very much affordable. In Bangladesh, you can buy fire extinguisher powder starting price from 500 to 900 taka.  Xpart Fire Extinguisher Powder is very famous.

Fire is a significant threat to fight in Bangladesh. Every year many industrial buildings, slums, apartments are burning with fire. If we take some precaution, then we can save millions of taka and hundreds of lives. Fire extinguisher powder works accurately to blow off a fire. Anyone who sees a fire spreading can use this.

Every people should be aware of fire extinguisher powder, and every building should have this extinguisher powder cylinder installed so that people may get it handy. These extinguisher powder cylinders can be kept beside a kitchen, beside stairs or someplace where there is a possibility of occurring fire accident and spreading it. All the members of a family should be taught how to use it.

Why should you keep extinguisher powder?

Everybody loves his family and their home. But all his family members and valuable home and its equipment can be turned into ashes if a fire accident happens and you just keep waiting for the fire service as you do not have any tool for preventing fire from spreading. Don’t be foolish; you will never be able to afford this kind of loss. So, before it is too late, buy fire extinguisher powder so that your family and valuable properties may be saved.

How to buy extinguisher powder?

Fire extinguisher shops are less known to the people of Bangladesh because these shops are not that much familiar here. You may search emergency safety selling stores in your locality, and some super shops in Dhaka, who also sell fire extinguisher powder. But if you are from outside Dhaka city it would be best for you to buy it from an online shop. For online shopping, you may visit Othoba.com which is the most popular and largest online shop in Bangladesh.

We have extinguisher power section from where you can choose and buy your essential emergency kit. Important thing is that fire extinguisher price is not costly at all. Anyone can afford it easily. You can buy directly from the seller listed on Othoba.com. We give you many offers occasionally. You may also get the most reasonable price of extinguisher powder.