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Flask is a pot where we can keep water hot. It is just as crucial as refrigerators. It has become a part & parcel of our daily life both in & outside of our household. It enables us to enjoy a hot water long after being boiled. It is an airtight pot that keeps the water warm by keeping the heat preserved in it using heat insulator all around the box. Besides keeping the water warm & fresh for a more extended period, it increases the overall efficiency of our life. Water doesn’t have to be heated again & again before using, thus saving energy & fuel. By doing that it also saves time & releases us from going through some extra work.

A service holder or a businessperson can leave for his workplace every morning being assured that he will be able to have a fresh cup of tea. Kids frequently use these to take their water to school. And of course, it serves as an excellent container for water because being airtight it keeps water free from germs & environmental pollution. As it is a heat insulator, it can sometimes be used to preserve cold water in case of emergency as well.

Buy flask online from, the best online bazar in Bangladesh provides a flask of unique design that goes well with both domestic and official attire at the same time guaranteeing excellent quality. Exterior design & color combination are eye-catching as well. So, as well as being useful, it will be a beautiful part of the household appliances. Being produced in a sterilized environment in the industry & high-quality rubber materials being applied for making it airtight,'s product ensures zero contamination of water from the outside & leakage from the inside once you preserve it.

Special heat insulators are used for providing an even longer period of uses. Its light-weight, easy to carry, comes in various shapes & sizes based on the customer’s purposes. It is also designed carefully in a way so that it can withstand the pressure build-up of steam emitted from the water within the container. The locking mechanism of the lid is the most uncomplicated & people of every age can use it at ease. The metal of the interior wall of it is made in such a way that it doesn’t deform due to heat or rapid change of temperature & jeopardize the integrity of the pot. If you are looking for a flask, then you are in the right place.