Though we can use mugs, bottles and many other things to drink water and beverages like juice, soft drinks and energy boosters, glass are most widely used for these purposes in Bangladesh. Every people of Bangladesh like to drink water in a glass. Drinking water without a glass seems awkward to them. Various types of glass are available in our country, among them plastic and ceramic glass is more popular. Glass is usually used to drink water.

It is used by children to drink juice, milk, milkshakes & other things. It is a standard item in our day to day life. You wake up in the morning, freshen up and start our day with a glass of water. If there is any meeting in corporate life, there will be refreshment snacks and a glass of water. Some people use a glass to eat soup & scoops of ice creams, but it is most used for drinking water and beverage.

Time was there when people were not least interested in a plastic glass, but due to the availability of improved plastic glass in the market by some revolutionary companies like RFL, it is now widely accepted among the Bangladeshi people. Plastic and melamine glass now come in some colors and size. There are many printed glasses available too. People are very much interested in buying printed glass. The latest model printed glass can give your kitchen a beautiful look.

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