Hair Color

Hair is the most precious thing for a woman. They are possessed and adored by women as the most valuable wealth. Long hair is desired and cherished by every woman. They want dark, long, silky, smooth, straight hair. But this does not come to everybody. Some have nice long hair; some have waist high hair. Others have neck length hair. Another group of girls have short or long curly hair.

In the past, women were most interested in having long dark hair. But nowadays, the tradition is changed. They are becoming eager to have their hair dyed in various colors along with black. Due to excessive heat & damp weather, hair grows reddish, and it loses the moisture. Again, more women are working outside recently. So, the dust and pollution with ultra-violet rays from sun fade the natural colour of the hair and damage them. The inorganic process you can moisturize your hair with sour curd, Mehendi data, oil, China rose altogether.

Those who have got white hairs usually use mehndi to colour their hair. If you want to have dark black hair, you can use China rose soap with coconut oil three days a week. After one or two months you will have naturally black hair. But you are a busy person, and you have to attend. The time is concise, and you want to dye your hair instantly. Then you can go to the parlour and colour your hair. But if you're going to colour yourself at home, how will you do them? Not to worry.

You can buy packet colors and apply your hair at home. Different types of colors like red, black, brown, violet shade, yellow shade, reddish brown shade, a chocolate shade are available on the market. But which of them will be less harmful. Which brand can you try? Well, some high-quality brand is Dulhan Kesh Kala, Super Vasmol Kesh Kala, Lakme, Garnier, Loreal Paris etc. You can buy them from local cosmetic shops in your neighbourhood or a supermarket, but you want some reliable source. Where will you not be cheated with duplicate products or replicas?

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