A jacket is one of the most favorite clothes for men during the winter season. It is stylish and so much warm, so men keep it in a higher position than any other winter clothes. It can protect you from the most severe cold. There are many types of jacket. Some are made with leather, and some are made with thick cotton, jeans jackets are also available in the markets. The leather jacket is time popular with men.

The weather pattern of Bangladesh is changing each year. In the recent years, we are facing extreme cold during a winter season. It becomes painful to us going outside, but we cannot help going out due to our jobs. We need to go to university or office or in a business center. Only because of the jackets we can go outside in the extreme cold weather and do works comfortably. It is not only accessible for its easy side but also it is very much stylish and useful.

There are many pockets of a jacket so we can keep necessary things in them. As most of them have a chain, so we can keep them open when the weather is warmer. It saves the purpose of men too. Men wear it as a casual dress, but some of them also use it in a formal situation. Men wear this in a party, shopping, occasion and also invitations. It is a very fashionable dress and popular among all ages of men.

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