Trend, Style and fashion in clothing sector frequently change in our country. We have many occasions all over the year. In one occasion, something becomes fashionable and trendy. After two months when another occasion comes, style and fashion changes. As we see that in Pohela Boishakh, the traditional colour was red and white with cream, brown, Gerua and Basonti colors. But recently in Pohela Boishakh, people are wearing various vibrant colors along with traditional ones. The story and line keep changing the trendy look.

From the very beginning, women flock to a country used to wear saree and salwar kameez. As days pass by they start wearing a different type of pyjamas as churidar, tight salwar, loose salwar, salwar with Kuchis, dhuti pyjamas, Patowari or Patiala pyjamas. At present, the new vibe has come, and girls are going crazy over these new fashionable pyjamas. This new trend has brought up by leggings and palazzos. Leggings are more like a churidar pyjama. But it has a more stitch quality than churidar. It also has no craft on the heels of legs. Leggings are mainly of cotton Genji clothes. They can be of different types and different colors. You can have either one coloured leggings or printed colourful leggings. Some may have an addition of laces on the ankles part. Some may be very simple and plain.

Women wear leggings in different styles. They wear them with long tops and Kurtis as pyjamas. Some wear them with frock type dresses. They are also worn with long or short kameez. Those who are more fashionable wear them with crop tops, short burkha. Leggings are very soft and comfortable to use both inside the home and outside home. You can buy one-piece dresses and match same coloured leggings separately.

In the new market, you will find various types and the coloured combination of leggings available. You can have your suitable size. But maybe the shopkeepers will cheat you giving a low-quality fabric legging. They will also ask for an extra high price. Do you want an exclusive collection of leggings?

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