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Gents T-Shirt

What is the most common dress code of boys of our country? Obviously, the common answer is t-shirts and pants. A T-shirt is a widely spread and most comfortable dress for men all over the world. They are used in every possible way by the males. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They are light and you do not have to face problems of washing difficulties with this item. They are mostly made of cotton fabric. You do not have to go to the laundry for washing and ironing them as they are not complicated clothes like linen or silk to handle.

Now, T-shirts can be of different types. They are usually two types based on the length of their sleeves. They are short sleeves/ half sleeves and long/ full sleeves. They can be categorised by their collar system. They can be of round collar or they can have shirt collar. Next classification is based on their designing pattern. You will find only one coloured t-shirt along with colour combined t-shirts. Sometimes they come with different logos, printings or icons, quotation or superhero and public figures. You can also have customized t-shirts on special occasions like Pohela Boishakh, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day or etc.

Usually, modern generation’s boys and girls like t-shirts with vibrant colours. The most common colours as their favourite are red, maroon, orange, black, yellow, bottle green, blue, brown, royal blues, navy blue, deep purple, rainbow coloured etc. But to be comfortable and easy in the summer days, the demand for light coloured t-shirts is an increase. So, young people are selecting light green, light sky blue, paste, ash and white coloured t-shirts.

Different branded shops or boutique houses launch special combo set t-shirts for couples. You can buy a matching set from them for you and your partner. The shops also bring new model and graphics worked t-shirts. Renowned fashion houses give you the opportunity to buy customized occasional t-shirts in different types of promotional offers. But before buying you should be very careful about the quality of the products. Because most of the time they have the problem of colour fading tremendously. Sometimes small holes appear on the fabrics after washing with water for only one time.

So, where to buy these quality products?

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