Nail Polish

Girls are cautious to make them beautiful from top to bottom. They start from hair decoration and end with the decorating legs with a panel, Nupur, Mehendi, Alta etc. But it is important to note that both legs and hands have another essential part of decorating which women are not lagging behind. They equally give importance to the decoration of their finger and toenails. They decorate them by putting nail polish or Mehendi or Alta on them. They wear finger and toe rings to make them look more beautiful.

Nail Polish is a beauty product in this regard. It is mainly liquid. It can be of various types and colors. They are mainly of two kinds. One is colour nail polish, and another is enamel or nail colour nail polish. You will also find colourful shades of this item. To make your nails beautiful with nail polish, first, you need to give your nails a beautiful shape according to your choice. You can give them a shape of "O" or square or oval shape as an egg with the help of nail cutter. Wash your hands with soap gently and wipe out the water, when it is completely dry, start applying nail polish from the core to the edge. In this way complete the first paint. After it is dry in one or two minutes, now apply from edge to the core. In this way, after completion of second paint, you will get beautifully polished nails at the end.

At present, nail art is becoming more and more popular with nail polish. Girls love to do artworks over nail polish painted nails. For nail arts, you need nail art kits. You can get your nail art done at the parlors. But you can also do them yourself at home with the help of two or three different colour of nail polishes. First, apply one colour in the previous process on your nails. Then do art as you wish with another colour on top of the first paint. You will get stylish nails with the modern, trendy look.

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