A rechargeable fan is a fan that can run by a rechargeable battery installed inside it. Even direct electricity can run it when there is no electricity; its battery gives it a backup power of running. The rechargeable fan has many advantages. We all know that Bangladesh is a developing country. As we are not developed-country, so we still lack in certain important things, electricity is one of those things. We have load shedding problem here, but in recent time especially in summer, it has crossed its limit. We face a lot of load shedding now.

The problems of load shedding are many. We cannot do our work properly, students cannot read attentively, children and old people suffer a lot, but the suffering of the sick people knows no bound. A rechargeable fan can be a solution to this problem. We cannot make a power plant for continuous electricity supply. Buying a generator, IPS or Solar system is difficult for many families because most of the people in Bangladesh are middle class and poor. Those things are expensive, but a rechargeable fan is not expensive, rather it is very affordable for all class of people.

Benefits of buying a rechargeable fan and where to buy?

There are many advantages of a rechargeable fan. This fan runs even after electricity is gone. It runs for a long time with its battery. As it runs on a battery, so we can save our electricity bill to some extent. It is portable so you can take a rechargeable fan anywhere like in a bus, school, office, far away on tour, etc. and enjoy the comfort of its cool air. A student does not have to waste his time during load shedding if he has a rechargeable fan. Children can play comfortably if they are provided with a rechargeable fan. Old and sick people do not have to suffer much if a rechargeable fan is kept on by their side.

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