Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads are the most important thing for a woman. It is the most useful and handy things in the days of period or menstruation. A period is a painful time for every girl. In every month they have to face this unpleasant event and bear it for three to seven days. Previously, the elders had many superstitious beliefs about this through some superstitions, and narrow mentality still prevails in our society.

In past years, girls were told to use cotton clothes for the protection of bleeding from the uterus. They used to use them, and this practice goes on for several ages. Now we have the cotton pads. These pads were made of a cotton bundle that is used in hospitals and clinics for cleaning up wounds, dressing and during any operation and surgery. Cotton was wrapped up in bandages and then used as pads during a period. Next, there is belt system sanitary pads for the use. The first branded sanitary pad was then Senora. Gradually other companies like Bashundhara etc. started making pads for women.

Now women use various types of pads as wings ultraflow, wings regular flow, panty system, belt system. Some pads are extra long and come with a separate packet. You can use them anywhere in the emergency as they are easily transportable to carry them in your purse or bag. These modern pads have stretchable wings that wrap snugly around your panty to keep them at the place. So there will be no side leaking of blood. It absorbs the blood super fast as it has dry- weave top sheet. It also features anti-leak core to lock the fluid rapidly. Dry max cover with super lock pockets gives you a clean and dry feeling while you are out of home for any reason.

You have to be very careful to choose the suitable one for you. There are many local sanitary pads. But they are not hygienic. You should use branded ones to avoid any infection and damage. StaySafe, Monalisa, Senora, Stayfree, Freedom, Whisper, Savlon are some high-quality brands. All of them are available at your nearby pharmacies.

But we know our society is not sympathetic and friendly towards women regarding this case. Often they become harassed by people while buying pads from drug houses. To save you from this humiliation and make the buying process easy, is offering you all these items. You can choose yours one from's ecommerce website. You can have home delivery. No more embarrassment at the pharmacies.