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A scrub is one of the many face care products. It can be used in the face, but you can also use it on your hands, necks and legs to remove the dirt from the pores of the skin. The scrub is used to clean your skin. You should use scrub one time a day. Because too much use of this makes your skin damage as our skin is very sensitive an d soft.

Scrub can be of two types. You can make them at home using natural ingredients, or you can buy chemical but branded ones from the shops. Scrubs usually wash away the dirt from the pores. It also removes whiteheads and blackheads. Removing extra oil from your skin is handy. The primary job for scrub is to remove dry cells or dead cells from your skin. You can mix up honey with rice crushed powder and whites of eggs together as a scrub to remove whiteheads. You can also try a cleansing cream with sugar and flour. You can have milk, peanut crunches, honey together and apply them to your face as a scrub. They can also be applied to your legs, neck and hands to remove the dirt. If you do regular scrubbing, you can get a brighter glowing skin naturally.

The thing is you are very busy. You get little time after coming from your educational institution and job place. So you cannot bring out enough time to go through the natural procedure. You want to buy ready scrubs suitable for your skin. Buying scrub is an act of carefulness because not every product is good and suitable for your skin. You can buy branded scrubs like- Lakme, Loreal Paris, Beauty Formula, Ponds, Dove, Johnson's, Nivea etc. There are different types. You have to select according to your skin naturally. You can buy blackheads cleaning scrubs. You want to have exceptional glow buy the charcoal ones. To revitalise your skin with natural formula, you can choose the revitalising ones. To get a refreshing skin and feeling purchase avocado and papaya enriched refreshing scrubs.

So where will you get these branded scrubs?

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