Stand fan

A fan is an electronic gadget. It is a recent but great wonder of modern science. It can be used for cooling people. There are so many types of fans & stand fan is one of them. Stand fan is a special type of fan. It is a portable fan. The most benefit of a stand fan is, it can be taken anywhere. Nowadays the demand of stand fans are increasing day by day because of its power of blowing air more than a ceiling fan & because of its mobility power. We use it in many places like houses, offices, mills, factories, etc. mostly we use it on many occasions like marriage ceremonies, family gatherings, picnics, etc. because we cannot use ceiling fans in an open place.

In Bangladesh, the necessity of a stand fan is very much because of the weather of Bangladesh. The weather of Bangladesh is getting very rough because the temperature of the whole country is increasing day by day & it is increasing very rapidly. In these circumstances for cooling people a stand fan is very much needed. We can use a stand fan anywhere only what we need is just a connection of electricity. Even we can use a stand fan where we can't run a ceiling fan. It can cool a lot of people at a time by using its rotating ability.

To run a ceiling fan, we need a strong structure but to run a stand fan we don't need any structure. It cost less than an air condition & also uses less electricity. Because of being a developing country most of the people of Bangladesh are poor. Most of the families are lower middle-class. They can merely manage their fundamental necessities. In this situation having an air conditioner is too much luxury for them. For this purpose stand fan is the best option for them. It provides them with an excellent service at a minimum cost. That's why every Bangladeshis should buy a stand fan for their comfort.

Where can you get stand fan?

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