A conscious family always keep the toilet of the house clean, but the question is, do they keep the toilets clean? Clean and bacteria free? The answer will be, "No" because many people of the country do not use a toilet cleaner to clean washroom, they use detergent and sometimes final. But detergents are for washing clothes, not for washing bathroom. A detergent can never do the work of a toilet cleaner. Detergents may give your toilet brightness but will not give as much as a toilet cleaner.

Some people think about cost. They believe that toilet cleaners are expensive, but the fact is toilet cleaners are very much affordable because it can be used for a long time. It is precisely made to clean toilet, so it cleans a toilet correctly, gives it a glowing look, smells good after cleaning, and removes all virus and bacteria.

Our healthy life depends much on our clean toilet. If we do not clean our bathroom regularly, we may be attacked by virus of diarrhea, dysentery etc. Sometimes serious sickness may also cause from the dirty toilet. On the other hand, a filthy toilet can bring the bad name of your family. If you keep your toilet dirty all the time and your visitors and guests notice this then they will criticize you, they will think bad about you and expose this matter to others also.

Which toilet cleaner is the best

As it is a family health as well as family reputation issue, so you must take this concern seriously and buy the best toilet cleaner for cleaning your toilet. Many branded toilet cleaners are available in Bangladesh. Among them, Harpic and Swift are most popular. Swift is comparatively more attractive than other toilet cleaners. People of Bangladesh are using those for many years. Swift comes in some sizes like 500 ml, 750 ml, and 1-litre bottle. Toilet cleaner price is between 80 to 95 taka. Swift Total Power is also used to clean toilet. Its price is 35 taka. On the other hand, Harpic Liquid toilet Cleaners come in two different size packs.

You think this is more expensive than detergent, but you also should consider that these works best for toilet cleaning. You can buy any toilet cleaner from best online shopping sites in Bangladesh Othoba.com at reasonable price.