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You remember the rhyme- "Brush, Brush, /Brush your teeth, Brush your teeth every day. Father, mother, sister, brother/ Brush your teeth every day." Well, we all know that regularly brushing our teeth is very important for our being healthy. Otherwise, germs attack our teeth and tongue. As a result, we suffer from severe dental problems. Now we cannot brush teeth without the brush and what is the other item with which we wash the teeth? Of course, it is toothpaste.

We should brush with good medicinal toothpaste twice a day to keep away all the germs from your mouth. When you eat anything whether it is spicy, sweet or sour; food grains get stuck on the gaps of our teeth. Then it damages the enamel on the outside and causes damage to our gums. To prevent this, we should use good toothpaste and brush our teeth regularly. You should brush after dinner before going to bed and after breakfast, waking up from sleep avoiding brushing your teeth cause your gum and teeth pain. So brush twice every day. Children do not want to brush teeth, but you should make them aware of the consequences and make them follow the rules strictly.

Not all pastes of local markets are good for your teeth. The high-quality brand toothpaste is- Close Up, Pepsodent, Colgate, Mediplus, Dabur Meswak, Sensodyne etc. All of these brands are medically proven to use for brushing your teeth. Some toothpaste is jelly based. Close up, Colgate and Pepsodent have this type of toothpaste. But they also have normal toothpaste. The normal ones have specific features like they have iron, mineral salts which make the enamel of our teeth stronger. Some pastes have herbal elements like mints, cloves, basil leaves etc. Some infused the modern crystallization theory, mostly in the gel pastes. They are advertised to give you a cool refreshing breath for twelve hours. But the most commonly used pastes are anti germy check and active salted ones for the better result.

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Try them from the nearby pharmacies and general stores of your locality. You will get them also from new markets and supermarkets. But they sell old ones to date long ago expired, then what to do? You can buy from online grocery shopping Bangladesh We are giving you all type of branded toothpaste. You will also get home delivery. Buy from and have a dental problem-free life.