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Tops are the dress for females. It is a modern, fashionable, trendy garment for girls. Tops have become popular among the girl not only in western countries but also in our country. It can be used both for formal and casual purposes. Tops are light to wear, and women are choosing tops over other heavy dresses. They are the favorite garment of the teen and the young, working-class women.

Tops are super comfortable in a country like ours where summer prevail most of the time of the year. They are comfortable to wear and can match with any makeup also. Tops are made of cotton, linen and forget. Mainly girls prefer the cotton and linen tops to wear in the office and even in a get-together. Tops can be worn with pajamas, salwar, trouser, Pallazzo, jeans, leggings, churidar, gabardine pants. Some use scarf or matching stall. Some also wear them without scarf and hijab. Children usually wear tops with jeans, skirts, pants, and Palazzo. Tops can be one color or the variation and combination of colors. Each may have a different style and design from other pieces. You can design your top according to your style. They can also be of print, fabrics, hand paints, brush paints, block, and batik, applies, etc.

Tops of cotton are mostly used. But recently linen tops have captured the market demand as they are soft, smooth and comfortable, easily washable and of different styles and designs. You can buy the piece of cloth per your choice and then ask the tailor to make tops out of it. You can also buy them ready-made. But the problem will be in the case of size. Suppose a particular top has caught your attention and you want to buy it at any cost. Alas! The size is not fitting for you. Also, you want something exceptional and extraordinary in the work of combination. But you will find every top to be alike each other. They are the same designed, colored and styled. Then how will you find something according to your taste? Wearing the same type and style doesn't make you unique.

So where to find unique ones for yourself?

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