Pajamas are a very common outfit for women in our country. Wearing Pajamas with kameez is an age-old tradition. It is the most comfortable dress for any season. Pajamas are mainly worn with kameez and on. But recently women are becoming trendy more than ever. The trend and fashion of wearing Pajamas with tops, Kurtis, short burkhas are pervasive. Pajamas are a handy item in your wardrobe collection as you can wear them both inside or outside for casual and formal purposes.

Mainly Pajamas are two kinds. Either they are made of cotton fabrics or made of Genji type fabrics. Nowadays, girls are wearing different types of these. They are not loose like the ones used to wear by our women flock in the early ninety's. The stylish fashion of this cloth has brought revolutionary changes. Female prefer a more fitting type to wear during office hours. These elegant items are called "pant pajamas." These are soft, comfortable, fitting but loose to wear at the same time. You can make according to your taste of color from tailors. They can be of mild, light color or can be of vibrant color also. You choose according to the color of your dress. Even you can have the contrastive combination with your dress instead of matching set. Buy your choice of fabrics from the market and make them with a design from your tailor.

The problem is the fabric which you will buy from local market will not always be good. Your Pajamas can have fading colors a lot when you are trying to wash them. Again, the fabrics will be low quality so you will feel uneasy after wearing them. The tailor also can make a mistake in the measurements. Also, the finishing is not good enough for a smart person like you. So you want to buy ready-made Pajamas. Here, the same problem arises as the fabric quality will be low and you will be upset to buy them at a high price.

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