Ruti tawa

Ruti is a Bengali food that is preferred by most of the people of our country. People from all classes of society come to enjoy it. So, in Bengali people’s life, ruti tawa is just as much important. It is a specially made karai used for preparing ruti from flour dough. Unlike typical karai, it is mostly flat all over so that the rutis can be moved freely when it needs pressing by the cook to let the steam out. Heat is applied to the bottom surface of it & the raw fruit is placed on the upper surface.

Thus the tawa conducts heat to the ruti for it to be prepared for eating. It can easily be placed on the list of things without which our domestic life is unfulfilled. Every homemaker needs a Ruti tawa to enjoy Bengali food ruti properly. If the user wants, it can be used for other mild cooking purposes too.

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We provide quality build ruti tawas to our customers. These are made from excellent quality food grade aluminum which as well as enhancing the strength, durability & overall lifespan of the tawa, works as a faster & better conductor of heat. Pre-heat takes less time, thus taking less time to prepare ruti overall and increasing efficiency.

Due to the use of aluminum, the weight of it is greatly reduced. The metal is machined in a way to prevent deformation due to heat or rapid temperature change. The concave surface is made non-sticky to ensure ease of the cook & overall quality of the prepared fruit. It also lessens the burden of washing the tawa if no portion of ruti is stuck to it after cooking. This surface is also finished with a three-layered coating to ensure surface integrity, abrasion & scratch resistance & overall durability.

The materials used in the coating are free from any harmful or trace elements such as nickel, lead, cadmium, thus ensuring health friendly cooking. It also saves oil up to 60%. The handle is designed to provide good grip and comfort for the user too. The joint between the handle & tawa is well hardened with bolts to work perfectly under extreme condition. And of course, the whole product is corrosion resistant.

So, don’t think twice before visiting cheapest online shopping site to find a route-tawa, because we provide the best quality fruit-tawa that you can find in the market.